Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

You know Nietzche said, mankind is a going, a perilous passing in between.

The ape, he's the caterpillar, a beast that holds one end of the tightrope across an abyss. (Bart Simpson?)

On the other end is the overman, perhaps the metaphorical butterfly, stretching the other end of the rope. mankind is a crossing. Perhaps WE are like ... in a cocoon? Only a becoming?

Dig it 3 parts In-a-Gadda-da-Vida ...

I had a dream ... I play the Butterfly today.
Carlos Santana the man, he holds the rope seen below for a while ... dangling on a string with John Lee Hooker. This is my dream ... butterflies of many colors ... free! Thanks for allowng me to post like this, for fun and contemplation at AOAND. Groove on it all, 3 and then 1.

You see, a butterfly is a transformation. (Trans=crossing) Becoming something we are not - yet. But we must become - something we - are not. We must go where we are not. The shell will be gone. Emergence is dawn ...
The Healer ... just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for reading.

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