Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A Moving and powerful song as seen through the eyes of children regarding the world conditions, their plight to live and survive in these present difficult times we live in.

Please note, all pictures and videos used in this presentation were taken from the Internet and used without copyright authorization. Therefore this video is used solely for the purposes of this demo.

My Vision:
To have this song released globally by top child stars of each country in their own language. I have tested the water with this song on 3 small groups of children in UK, Greece and Australia.
In each case, the children were singing along to the song even before it had finished, this shows great selling potential due to the simple and yet powerful, catchy melody (the secret to a successful song)
They all expressed their love for the song and continued singing it for days. In fact everyone who has come into contact with this song and presentation has expressed deep emotion and a positive view towards it.

I see this as a global Anthem uniting children around the world and creating such a buzz that would make people sit up and listen.

It obviously goes without saying that the strength of this song and message (if exploited in the right way) can be a very powerful aid to any organization who decides to sponsor it.

The global concept around this song has the potential to bring in very large financial benefits as well as world-wide recognition, not to mention self gratification for all involved.

I leave the rest to your imagination and vision.

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