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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

-what if truth hurts?

what if you find yourself persecuted?
what if people who need an helping hand are vicious?

what if the rich are deaf to worldwide disease?
what if people who lost their way are in such a situation because they are not virtuous.

what if if people who sell weapons of mass destruction are free and doesn't kill themselves as well?

how can we mend a broken heart if it's worthy anymore?

how can we mend a course of society ruled by finance

finance less impirtant than economy

economy is less important than progress

that is an equation : finance(reverse the pyramid! finance today rules)

finance economy success progress.

revolution must start from the top: the top has to change or in the reverse pyramid will be distructed and overwhelmed by mass of the bottom ones.

pyramidal society is wrong : the right society is a circle in which everyone holds everyone's hand in which there is not yet the dimension of power because weak people are in the centre of this circle: most resiliant are on the edge for they can support power and alternatively are supported for they arein the bottom.

this wheel model will progress no more towards the upper but towards histrory ( horizontal....evolving) 


wrong pyramid model (capitalism):




reverse pyramid model (instable only in thinking must be used (anti capitalism):




comunism (wrong too static) static in growth and progression



right model the wheel model able to grow in diameter and to travel in the future


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--------------  =wrong




---------  = wrong





        -    = impossible







                    -- = right (it can increase in diameter and can roll in the space of times.......

Wherever the seat of power lies; at the periphery of a wheel or at the top of a pyramid, there will be imbalance because of the nature of "power". There has never been and never will be a society in which those bestowed with the power to dictate to the masses live on equal terms with those over whom they wield power. The road sweeper cannot live next door to the king or president or whatever. In England, we refer to those who rule us as our "superiors" or our "betters". Consequently, they live better. They have the majority of the wealth. Even in so-called communist regimes, party leaders live in luxury while the masses struggle to get by. The Wheel model would simply mean that the centre of this wheel would be a terrible place to live. If power were at the centre then the periphery would be the slums. This will be the case as long as "power" is bestowed upon individuals.

Society is a large group of people taking advantage of the safety in numbers principle. The larger the society, the less vulnerable each individual within that society is to predators. The more nurturing the society, the less vulnerable each individual is to starvation or lack of shelter. This is why, in the developed world, humans need not fear falling victim to a predator despite the fact that we are slower than most other creatures, we do not have claws or large canine teeth, we do not have shells or wings. We work together to find solutions to disease and so on. The only thing we need fear is each other. We are far more likely to fall victim to hostilities in war and violent crime than by being eaten by a predator. We are more likely to be killed in a car crash or some other accident involving a human invention than by some natural disaster. Yet we are all, to some degree, victim to the power we bestow upon our leaders and the extent to which we are victim depends on the regime of the country we live in. Most people worldwide are victims of poverty, which is not a natural condition. There is no such thing as a "rich squirrel" or a "poor squirrel". All have equal access to the resources within their environment. A minority of squirrels may be rather inept at gathering food or building a shelter and they do less well. Another minority may be very adept at these skills and will do better but the majority do OK. If a power structure was added to this, the inept ones would die and the majority would be forced to gather additional food for the adept minority so that the ruling minority would do extremely well and the majority would struggle.

To work well, power has to be altruistic so that it can serve society as a whole without favouring the few at the expense of the many. So power has to be bestowed upon the structure of society and not upon any individuals within it. It needs to be administered but those who administer the law have no power to change the law or introduce new laws. The laws of the society must be established by the majority of the people within the society and each must accept their responsibility to uphold it or accept the consequences. No individual should have power over another. Only the power of the law as defined by the people as a whole should have power over any individual.

Elitism only benefits the elite.

The seat of power lies at the periphery of a wheel . people in the centre are protected by outer stronger.

This is not a dream . people in the center of the cyrcle will provide the will to evolve. people at the center will be the wiser which will have a more complete vision of society.

people at the edege represent the extremism and people with more resiliance


the cyrcle model society is a peace based society which is not based of the fewer the best .

the new society is based on the fewer the weaker and many other people helping them.

work and full vision will come from the center people with higher resiliance will be able to live at the edge with more energy and extremism food will come from the outer space and ideas from the center.

ideals will come from outer opposite position of the circle.

in such a way mankind wilol be 2.0 brutality and animal essence has to be denied to progress. otherwise the pyramidal society is going to collapse on its base.

Our moaning and groaning most likely will not change things. Especially when all things are as they should be…

Realize, respect, and revere who is in charge and control of all things.



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