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Have you got a plan or pieces of one for a Eco-Village? Share and discuss them here!!!

We have a plan, it is called GaiaTech, it is attached to this page (downloaded-able) as a Word file so you can use it yourself as a template to edit from; GaiaTech is offered as an Open Source Solution.

The principle objective of the GaiaTech EcoVillage (“GTV”) is to demonstrate practices that ensure a high quality of life for village participants while ensuring locally sustainable development, conservation of the bio-diversity of natural resources, and self-sustainability through social, economic, geologic, and climatic changes.

A further objective of GTV is the substantive exchange, give-away, and transfer of empirically tested practices or technologies which produce skills that ensure the development and sustainability of its social, economic and environmental attributes. The development of these sustainable technologies is envisioned to provide for their expansion to a greater part of the Planet. Various village humanitarian and commercial organizations will accomplish this objective through interdependent development, education, local induction of self-sustainable and ecologically sensitive technologies, practices, and products for application in rural and urban settings of need worldwide.

Since each individual has their unique idea about what is meant by "EcoVillage”, "Sustainable", and “Quality of Life”, these concepts are specifically defined and provide a criterion to which all practices should adhere.

¨ Demonstrate lifestyles which are "successfully sustained into the indefinite future"
¨ Ensure stability through periods of economic, geologic, societal, or climatic changes
¨ Weave together into one fabric, all aspects of village living, including; housing, energy, health assurance, education, commerce, agriculture, cottage industry, recreation, and culture
¨ Promote the ability of the individual to experience a quality life of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fulfillment
¨ Meet every aspect of the definition of "Sustainability"

Meeting "the needs of present life-forms in a healthy manner without compromising the ability of future generations of all life forms to meet their own needs." Specifically, activities are defined by GTV as sustainable when they meet the following criteria:
¨ Use materials in continuous cycles
¨ Use renewable and reliable sources of energy
¨ Are primarily founded upon the qualities of being human (i.e. creativity, communication, coordination, appreciation, and spiritual and intellectual development.)

To read more, open the file attached here!

Some Highlights!!!

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Ah yes, The Air Car! My absolute favorite new read of the last few months! Thank you for reminding me, I want to check again on the demo/trials of the HydroCar, supposedly being carried out in New York City, have any news on this?
I am avidly reading the documents you have put up, soon I will be formulating some thoughts for you. Much excitement being generated from the Peace Portal!
You have my greatest and most enthusiastic gratitude!
Blessings, nance



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