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As we see 2008 fade away and look into the future of 2009 it's time to reflect. What are you grateful for?

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I am grateful for all elders who have come, given their life's energy to help us know the divine aspects of love. I accept their gift and offer my song for this generation and those beyond.
I am grateful for every day that I live my life, every person I love, and the opportunity to share and learn from others. I awake every morning thankful for everything in my life. And you are so right ... the elders and wise people who have given our lives meaning.

I look forward to 2009 and see it in the light.
I am grateful for my good health, contentment of the heart, all my friends and family, my pets, who bring me so much of relief and joy when I'm feeling down. For being able to give to the less fortunate and seeing their smiles of appreciation and to Mr Nelson Mandela who fought so hard against the apartheid regime to give us our freedom.
There are so many things in my life to be grateful for. For one thing, I live better than most of the kings of history. I have music and entertainment whenever I want it...not to mention heat, hot water and light. I have eyes that see, ears that hear and hands that can reach out and capacity to think, talk and connect with others through language....all of which are miracles when I look at the complexity of these gifts life has bequethed to us.
I am so grateful for my hands so they let me work, and praise and my loving children, and my eyes to see, and my voice to be heard. My friends who think of me,thank you to all. Sites like this where there is positive energy!
I've been mulling this subject around, trying to pare it down from - I am grateful for every little thing (because I am.) Let me just say:

"I am grateful for the New Life begun 15 months ago and every single blessing, trial, tribulation, animal, person and event contained therein."

Life on Life's terms - yes indeedy! Each outright blessing, each bit of news - 'good or bad', each animal (spirit) or person, all bring me the opportunity to react with the Love I've experienced (and not the fear I have learned).

I couldn't agree more that WE are the Ones We've been waiting for.

I am grateful for all of the routine things that most take for granted, such as food, a roof over my head and a computer to communicate with all of you. However, I am more grateful today than most days because I inspired someone to do something and the person met with success. Now something that wasn't in the world a few days ago exists. It's not like Colonel Sanders Chicken or Einstein's refrigerator, however, a statement of understanding in geophysics, the very place where change seldom happens and new ideas are rarely accepted. It's been a wonderful subsidiary gift to receive from the universe on my birthday. I am indeed most fortunate as is the rest of the world.
Indeed what a great gift...Happy 29th Birthday girlfriend


arctic dreamer said:
As always I'm grateful for my health, my senses, my intelligence, curiosity & creativity. I feel truly fortunate to have a daughter who loves me & I'm truly proud of, friends I love, a job that keeps me busy & invigorated, a spiritual path to follow, the landscape I live in which inspires & soothes me. Bonuses are the ability to write, the chance to travel & take photos, & knowing when to step back or forward. Knowing what simplicity is & how to access it.

Being able to feel grateful is a gift.
I'm grateful to all of you.
I'm Grateful that i have a great family I'm grateful god made me a good son to my parents Im Gratefull for having good health I'm GRafeful for having great Friends and not but not the least I'm grateful lords above give me Talents
What a great question!

I am grateful for gratitude. It is amazing. When I feel gratitude, I feel joyful.

Gratitude has a way of increasing its cause too. The more I focus on what I am grateful about, and the exquisite feeling of being grateful, there is more and more to be grateful for.

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