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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Art by Lupe Fiacre, Art Action Union

ATTENTION ALL ARCHITECTS: Without you the media won't tell the story of Miracle. She needs a face, an identity. Her story awes and inspires. Read on ...

Miracle was born on a Korean bear bile breeding farm in the spring of 2006. The farm is run by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, an aging Korean couple. Bear bile farming made them rich, but they are getting old and ill and don't want to continue the bear bile business. They want someone to buy all of their bears so they can retire. The bile farm is small, filthy and miserable for bears. For Miracle, it was a torture chamber. The couple fed her pig’s food, and sometimes even meat from the flesh of other bears. All day and night she laid in her own filth, locked in a tiny cage so her bile could be drained from her body to make Chinese medicine. The pain was unbearable and she nearly went mad from the agony of imprisonment and torture. Next to her, in another cage, a traumatized 3-legged moonbear cub succumbed to madness and now wrestles with his young tormented mind. One day, no longer able to cope with the pain of bile extraction and agony of mental terror, Miracle somehow escaped and swam across a river, where she found freedom in the wild.

But ...
Korean authorities want Miracle back; she's an embarrassment to their pride. They set traps for her and sent 30 armed hunters with 10 dogs chasing after her. When that attempt to capture Miracle failed, they sent another 110 hunters with 40 hunting dogs to track her down in May. Miracle has alluded them all. She's been living off wild honey, farmers' crops and chickens and the shear will to survive. Current plans to capture Miracle have been suspended until fall, when food supply gets low and the forest becomes thinner. If captured alive, Miracle could end up back on Lee's bile farm or the farm of another Korean bile broker. Bile farms are a fate worse than death. On these farms, bears are locked in cages too small for their bodies, "milked" for their bile through a torturous procedure twice a day, and dismembered for their limbs because their body parts can be sold for a small fortune to China, where bear paw soup is a prized delicacy.

A True Story
This is the story of Miracle. It is a true story about a courageous young moonbear. It is a story that astounds and awes, and compels all who hear the story to find a way to help her. One animal welfare organization in South Korea is dedicated to saving Miracle’s life. But they are having a hard time getting the media to help tell the story because there are no photographs or video of Miracle. Without images of the bear, the media won't broadcast the story over television, on the internet or in the newspaper.

Miracle Needs a New Dawn
We need artists, animators, graphic designers, musicians, widget makers, web designers, online merchandise gurus and other creative eco empaths who can put an identity, a face, to Miracle. With creatives who can tell her story, we can draw the media’s attention to Miracle's tale of imprisonment, torture and escape, so the whole world becomes riveted on her. If the international community is watching and following Miracle’s story, no further harm will come to her if she is captured. The government recently overturned its order to shoot her on site, but now wants to return her to a bile farm when she is found. And that is a fate worse than death.

We can save Miracle by giving her a face, an identity. Can you help? Will you help?

Contact me on my profile page, or you can find me at Ursa Freedom Project

The intent behind asking you to produce something for Miracle is to help save her life, and the lives of more than 9,000 other moonbears that are imprisoned and tortured on bile farms. By drawing the world's attention to the horrid practice of bear bile farming, we can dismantle the bile industry. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has produced a comprehensive guide detailing herbal alternatives to bear bile for traditional Chinese medicine. The guide includes statements from world scientists and global healing practitioners who believe that bear bile has no place in traditional Chinese medicine.

Your Miracle creation could end up on websites, television news, posters, newspapers, brochures, flyers, billboards, protest signs and anywhere else we are able to get the word out to save Miracle’s life. No commercial gain will be made from your art. All artists will receive credit on the web and in any published format.

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