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Hi folks!

I want to let you know about some thing called yard sharing. It's a way to gather the resources you need to grow better food closer to home. Sometimes one household doesn't have it all together. Some lack space because they live in apartments, some are working too many hours, some have a brown thumb, some have a bad back... but a group of people can bring all they need to grow their own little garden of EATIN!

my site hyperlocavore - a free yard sharing community, is all about bringing people together in yard sharing groups.

I'd love to get your feed back. Is this something that would work for your friends and family? For the people in your neighborhood.

Let me know what you think!

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Hello Liz.
GRT! idea and site... This is just the kind of thing
we need more of in this world...
I could see doing this...just not in my
current neighborhood, though thats probably what
everyone says...
We have been doing garden sharing for a number of years It creates community and gives everyone a positive space to be in .. We have a small farm fourteen acres and this year we are sharing with four others .. Also we share ideas and food with a couple of other groups.. This is all organic... our ages range from 20's to 80's and usually share a garden feast together around harvest time..



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