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I thought it would be helpful to all if we made a list on how to help assist the digestion. Please add your ideas

Having ones digestion working as well as possible is always an asset to ones health.

I have been trying many different things lately. Here are two things that might be helping me.

Taking DGL with marshmallow root and slippery elm included in the capsules before meals.

Nightly castor oil packs.

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This link tells how to do a castor oil pack. Rather than use plastic I use towels placed on top of a piece of flannel.
I have found that Optimum D-Tox aids in digestion. It cleans out the body so the organs work better. My liver spots have disappeared, and I no longer get gas. .
Mint. Keep a pot of mint on the windowsill and pinch off some every day for tea or just munching. I like black peppermint. It almost tastes like candy.
I had a bad bout of reflux and heartburns lately and found ginger tea very soothing. The pain eventually stopped altogether.
I had someone energy test me for DGL over the phone and it has super helped my digestion. I discovered DGL Plus and now take it before every meal. Between that and acupuncture my digestion is improving.
All of your suggestions are very helpful ;-) Also: gentian root aids stomach health. Angostura Bitters in mineral water, or Bo Chai pills both contain this. Yes, a healthy liver, spleen, gall bladder, & pancreas are important for good digestion, and overall health - organic supplements containing milk thistle are excellent for maintaining health of these organs, as is turmeric. Turmeric tea can be made with or without sweeteners - it tastes quite good. I feel Reiki and acupuncture, and "pranic healing" can have an especially beneficial effect over time.
in order to give the gallbladder/liver a boost, i add fresh dandelion leaves to my daily salad - a bit bitter, but with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, your gallbladder will rejoice !
Papaya enzyme tablets are effective even when only taken occasionally. Daily use assists digestion very well. Chewable, very tasty, and travel well. Any of the above mentioned are very good also! Saffron, tumeric, light curry and cumin, are also
fine for an aid to the digestive process. Herbal and mint teas have excellent properties and also go well with meditation and relaxation for healthy physical responses. To avoid caffienated, carbonated beverages goes a long way for many reasons!
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar drink helps clear out the whole system.

1 to 2 teaspoons ACV
1 to 2 teaspoons Grade B Maple Syrup )preferably organic)
8 oz. water

Stir it up
and drink it down...
I find that small meals help, along with eating less. Calorie restriction has been found to increase life span. Also, I have to take calcium-magnesium tablets to keep my stomach from getting too acidic. Watching what one eats and not eating foods that give one trouble can help.

I do not take herbs or add spices to my food. I do use vitamin-mineral supplements.

I also find that if one pushes ones self too hard that the body may not provide the resources the stomach requires for good digestion. Other parts of the body can compete for what they require in the way of biological support and resources.
Products: Natren probiotics; EnerFood from EnerHealth Botanicals; Swedish Bitters very good all around tonic

Lemon juice and warm water every morning. Exercise, sleep and dense nutrition (heavy on vegetable and fruits).



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