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believe again


Can you Believe

In the Source of human potential

The bring the Torch

of Eternal Energy to Redeem

our Hearts and the Essence of our Souls?

It is the dream of the Masters

It holds the blessings of the Heavenly Host of Angels

And is the Alive in a Hope that Never Dies.

Can you Believe in your Own potential

Unlimited by Fear and past Failures

With the Wisdom of All of Life’s History

In this Dreams… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Meditation

Spend Time alone in nature if you can

Meditate about your desires and intentions. Ask the Angels to help you gain a 

positive perspective. Create affirmations to assist you in those



Gain the feelings of peace. Allow for a new tranquility and a smoother road ahead as you continue to practice and breath daily. Use…


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Review in Honolulu Paper of Practicing ALoha!

DEC 31, 2010

Collaboration captures aloha

‘Practicing Aloha: The Songs of Cindy Paulos’

Various artists_(self-published)

Maui residents Cindy Paulos (music and lyrics) and Fulton Tashombe (instrumentation and arrangements) are the foundation of this compilation that includes recordings by several prominent island vocalists. Kali’i Kaneali’i has the lead vocal on the title track — a song with the same commercial potential as Danny Couch’s 1999 hit, “Have You Seen… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ We are with You

Ask your Angels for assistance

We are always here and we are always ready to help. We must be asked in order to assist. We are with you now, giving you the courage to make

life changes that will help you work on your Divine life purpose. Be

open to receiving Divine guidance and assistance. You deserve it. 


Use the power of…


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Blossom of light

A blossom of Light

There is a Merging of Divine Energies,

A rainbow of Radiant light

That Moves across heaven to Earth as a Blessing,

A river of Love that is From the Source

That Lives in our hearts

and Flowers From the Seeds Planted in Creation.

There is a union of the Waves of being

Brought into our Breath,

our Thoughts, our Dreams and life.

That inspires us and Leads us

to be a Part of the Divine Dance.

And… Continue

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Our true Purpose

Lord, Let me see my true Purpose

My true reason for Being.

Let me Believe that I can make a Difference

By Understanding the reason I am here

Let me find a Way to dedicate myself to that Reason

And serve that Purpose that we have chosen to be here for.

For the World is Searching for Something more

Than temporary pleasures.

The World is in Need of a greater Reason to be Alive for.

And your Love can show us how to Believe

In that… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Happy New Year

Each of you is raising your personal vibrations

As you do, you are becoming more sensitive to your environment and new psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view life,

the Universe and everything. Allow your spiritual gifts to open -

through study, prayer, and most importantly,…


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Two Proven Tips to Create a Better New Year

Need a systematic Law of Attraction approach to have clarity and focused energy about what you intend for your life or your business in 2011? Here are two proven tips that will help you.

We are about to start not only a new year, but a new decade. I feel certain a great many of us are ready to put aspects of the past several years behind us and create a new-and-improved, fresher start, whatever that means for us.

If you use what is provided here, I ask you to keep the… Continue

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the upside down pyramid

revolution of the roles is what 2011 2012 2013 or 2023 will bring.

the world will be turned upside down

People carrying handicap or disease will be handing our life's stage.

we'll be able to listen to their cry and their joy and their apparently inappropriate dispair.

god of gods (because he's the only which overcomes all different religions will liisten to weaker's people cry in a new key.

Last night i did sing at Votigno (Reggio Emilia) and once again…


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