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March 2012 Blog Posts (94)

Daily Insights

You will not know...

What you are

Truly capable of

Until you know

WHO you are

Defining you

Comes from

Holding the vision

Of the life

You love to live

Through living

Your values

Then you find

Your passion and purpose

It is not about

Being beholden

To others

Waiting for others

Approval of your

Decision and vision

As then you take on

Living their

Life experiences

It is about

Honouring your…


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Daily Insights

In the creation...

Of your desires

Do not supplicate


When you supplicate

You are telling energy

You do not

Deem yourself


Energy will respond

Bringing you


And Opportunities

That keep you

Feeling unworthy

When you


Your ever

Unfolding experiences

Be grateful

For your desires

As if they

Are already here

You own

Your magnificence

You call



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ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship

i started to write this story end of 2007

Ascende gazed at the tomatoes.

Their deep red telling him that it was nearing harvest time.

The deep red, combined with the green, yellow and white of the neighbouring herbs and vegetables painted a pleasant and enticing picture.

'My new fertilizer made out of home-grown micro-algae seems to be tasty for…


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a calling of sorts

And the cosmic net of the higher dimension of being

Is thrown out to catch the spinning world

And hold it in the archetypal image

Of the hands of God’s sweet Love.


And the seeds of this love are planted in the hearts of those

Who open themselves to believe, to be the ones who will work for the salvation of Humanity and the belief of an awakened Soul which is ready to know a better way to live.


For we dwell upon a threshold and we…


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Daily Insights

To consciously create...

Your life experiences

Will take


To step away

From the conditioning

From doing things

Just for others approval

From feeling

You have to fit in

Will take


To trust

In the process

To believe

Everything is possible

To allow

Energy to provide

The experiences

And opportunities

To match the frequency

Of your desires

Will take


In standing



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The Music of the spheres

All the energy of the Universe

Is brought down to the One

Where the sacred Light is held

That is the source of what’s to come.


Here in this Birth of Living Light

The energy is born,

To flower into the precious jewel

Where light becomes the form.


Let the spirit sing,

Let the song be heard.

Our hearts desire is calling out,

And  love is what occurs.


Let the earth be…


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Don't Like What You See In the World?? BE THE CHANGE!!

My People - Not happy with the world as you see it today? I have your reading assignment and I do not make it lightly.

"With each sector reporting out the overwhelming challenges we were each facing from this perfect storm, we sought to... discern together what we were each to do. One glaring conclusion was that we had our ladders up against the wrong wall in a most dramatic way. With the global economy the…


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Daily Insights

Destruction, violence and pain...

Are man made

Through the control

To quantify

An existence

Of those with

No self worth

Who hold

No honour

In loving their


As they themselves

Live in

Fear and control.

In taking back your power

By making your

Energetic communication

You reclaim

Your identity

Your embrace

Your worth

You find the love

Within YOU

The world of

Peace, unconditional…


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Own your life

Own your life,

With all of who you are.

With a lifetime of achievement and failure,

With all of the feelings of  great pleasure and pain.


Own your heart and it’s hidden hope

The silent beating has fed.

For the fire that still burns,

For the promise that it remembers,

And the vow given to believe that what matters most is love.


Own your soul,

And the spirit that has led you to find

The kingdom of…


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Daily Insights

You as energy...

Made the conscious choice

To come into

A physical

Life experiences


You did choose

To be born

As a means to


The beauty


And sumptuous


Energy creates

In the physical world.

Why then

Would you choose

To live small?

You came here

To experience it all

The highs

The lows

To find the contrast

To find your desires

To know your magnificence



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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 2 : Going For The One

Chapter 2 : Going For The One

In « Going For The One, » we meet Jake Harvey, one of the key political players of the era, and members of his entourage.

At the beginning of the chapter, the former businessman is settling in his executive suite for a determining weekend in Triton Aeolus.…


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03-03-2012 ~ The Third Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek

Having trouble viewing this email? Click…

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Meditation ~ Pink Cocoon of Compassion to heal and energize Earth and all Souls ~ Nasrin Safai

March 2012

Dear Friends,

Welcome to March 2012, as we continue to move through this year’s Portal toward Spring Equinox and beyond to…


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