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Edel O'Mahony's Blog – January 2014 Archive (24)

Spiritual Warrior Insights

It is in the strength and courage to let go…

Of the confining shackles of fear

That full surrender to your unfathomable magnificence happens

© Edel…


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Truth is Far More Powerful than Resolutions or Goals

I know the ‘in’ thing is to set goals and I went through the whole process when I briefly trained as a coach (then never used it) only to come to the realisation it is not only incongruent with creating abundance as it promotes the fundamental perception you are…


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Spiritual Warrior Insights

You will never truly realise the magnitude of your being..

Until you release the shackles of fear

Let the spirit of your magnificence take flight

© Edel O'Mahony…


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Messages for the Soul

When you focus on the past

Points of pain or grief

You create the same experiences

In the now

Keeping you in a cycle of fear and control.

In using the past as part of

Your experiential journey

Learning from

Finding contrast in

And creating new desires through

Then you begin to…


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