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Far Beneath The Deep



Depths of life, wild force and untamed

Deepest blue, black, brightest star

Lays its soft belly upon the ocean floor

Untouchable and silent

Silently waiting for the day to end

When it shall be found in the year 2012

Crystal clear blue ocean covers a million thousand secrets, that lay buried and covered over

In milky white…


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I am surrounded by fields of green, horses, ancient sites, the ocean and trees of old.  I live in a beautiful place far from noise, traffic pollution but unfortunalty also far from Bagel bakeries....makes me hungry at times for the physical world and cravings of the mind ....but then i walk upon the sand and thro the water that is the ocean....and my mind becomes still  as easy as the soft gentle breeze .....and my thoughts are replaced with mother earth caressing…


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