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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.



Depths of life, wild force and untamed

Deepest blue, black, brightest star

Lays its soft belly upon the ocean floor

Untouchable and silent

Silently waiting for the day to end

When it shall be found in the year 2012

Crystal clear blue ocean covers a million thousand secrets, that lay buried and covered over

In milky white haze

And the gulls cry louder still for never a nation will set us free

Upon the ocean bed we lay silently waiting in nothing

Nothing but stillness and silence our waves wash into the shore, in and out never ceasing

Cascading and caressing the sand and toes of human man

Who ever will find us laying in the stillness shall be a lucky soul

For he will reap the fruits of our gold

Spiritual Gold

That is worth

Priceless Gold of infinity and murky depths

We lay upon the ocean floor in silence waiting, waiting to be found by the spiritual man, who seeks

Spiritual Gold and it shines crystal clear like an emerald jewel

Long since forgotten by the conditioned mind

Huge temples lay flooded and bare, drenched and soaked in waves and depths of despair

A race, a nation were we

In the beginning of time, temples of immortality and truth of our origins are out there

Somewhere upon the ocean floor, warm and cold like ice we share emerald jade crystals

Huge as the mountain stone

Jagged and polished shining freely for all to see, yet unfound, unknown to some, and unbelieved by many

But still we wait to be found and our find shall change humanity

For they will cry "It cannot be so, oh let it not be true, Oh let it be true"

Oh let it be true let my origins shine through to my soul, that I shall remember

Remember who I am and where I came from, from the stars that I gaze upon

Let my soul be known, let our souls be known, my brother and sister forever immortal

In what is known as insanity, in the human society, that today we know as civilised and just

Let it be so, let it known for all to humanity to see

That we are one, you and I, that there is no difference

When I look at you, I see myself and a thousand words unspoken, a thousand wars, all crying “no"

In a cage of civilised humanity and slaves for them





















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