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World Treaty To Be Signed

New Dawn starting in December?
What does your network know about this?
scary stuff

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The Paradox in 'Sustainable' Innovations

The Paradox in 'Sustainable' Innovations

I want you to click on the picture of the 'invention machine' at the left and watch the video. As your watching the video, make a list of the things that (in your mind) make up 'sustainable' innovation, based on how they describe it to be.

Then, look at your list and consider how they are using the definition of sustainability. In some parts,… Continue

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An Invitation to consider the idea of 'normal' and 'change'

I wanted to invite all of you to consider a grand experiment of MYTHIC proportions. It relates to the collective creation of a global mythology. The project is called called 'Changing Normal' and is an adventure in complexity, group learning, sustainability, collective wisdom, shared intelligence, artistic expression, insight, awe-inspiring, new ways to organize ourselves, principle-based guidance, considerations of the sacred, and more. Join us at the newly formed Group here at… Continue

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The Reappearance of Mythical Dragons ... Portal to 'Changing Normal'

Mythical dragons appear,

During this renewed era of 'once upon a time',

As we realize a collectively conscious global culture.


"Tell me about the Dragons." (says Andrew)


Vic says ...

"Ahhh yes: The Dragons.

They will begin to appear in the sky;

Fireballs of hell will be one's first impression… Continue

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