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Nomad, The Whale

A family tribe of whales was roaming happily in their home ocean in the safe cove of Paradise Inches, far from the threat of man--what they called "Land Monsters." There were seven families in their tribe, which seven children in each. There were seven elders left on Earth and six newborns and one huge pregnant mother whale, named Ocean Star, waiting to give birth to her seventh child.

So the seven elders and the seven husbands and the seven wives of the tribe counseled together to offer… Continue

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I Am A Tree

The Sun Father pulls me toward the light while the Earth Mother's fertile hand holds my roots gently but firmly in her womb. Together, they give me food and drink in the forms of minerals, gases, water and light. I am forever branching with complete balance. My consciousness extends to you now, as my energy is loving, forgiving and generous...Here, have some fresh air, on me. Give me a hug, and I will tell you a secret: I am more aware of you when you pass by than you are of me--as I live only… Continue

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Jay, The Bluejay

Jay, the bluejay was a birdsaint indeed

as he'd never let waste even one little seed

He'd look for what's left and make use of it swift!

and always wipe his bum with leaves!

Always share with those in need,

and show them how sharing stops greed,

while munching on wasted birdseed!

Jay would sing to the Doves and the Eagles and Bugs

who would fly in the fresh air with him

And he'd sing to the Fishes

his heart's prayers and wishes

Who… Continue

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Fijit, The Restless Turtle

There once was a beautiful, young, independent turtle named Fijit. She loved to hear stories from the elders and paint pictures with her mind. She especially loved the story of the Secret Sacred Pearl that could carry her anywhere she wished in an instant. She painted in her mind that if she could cross the widest oceans, traverse the driest deserts, and climb the highest mountains, surely she would be able to find the Sacred Pearl.

So she did, she carried the Sacred Pearl (in her… Continue

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Ocean Of The Dolphin

A long time ago before there were oceans on Earth... a dolphin was brought down from the stars in a rainbow colored ship...and left inside a cave in the most desolate desert on Earth. After wondering for years "Where is the water?" in quiet seclusion, she realized she was the water and immediately the Earth's oceans gushed forth out of the cave.

Her family, the pilots of the rainbow colored ship telepathically knew the Earth was now suited for aquatic life. They brought all kinds of… Continue

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The Music Inside*

A young boy awoke in a soft meadow of lilacs and hyacinth where the gentle murmur of fluttering butterflies and bumble bees would lull his developing senses into a peace serene. Opening his eyes to his

favorite place on earth, half in dream and half awake, listening to the gurgle of a crystal clear stream, always fresh and new, yet still the same-he heard a song. Clearly he heard it, though he knew it was

of another place-more beautiful than his dreams-or even the song of his favorite… Continue

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The Bunny Who Drank Vegetable Juice

The old school house at the base of a giant redwood tree is where we

begin the story...

One day while all the bunnies were hard at work at their little

mushroom desks, writing poetry and stories, a lesson in life popped

out of the air (but not quite as loud as something you'd hear).

Anyway, Furry Teacher Badger was wandering around the classtree,

peeking over the eager and creative bunnies' shoulders and saw that

one of the more timid little bunnies had… Continue

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The Dragonfly Of The Crystal Mountains

Once there lived a dragonfly of the clan of the crystal mountains- a mountain range topped with opalescent crystals.

All the mountains were well traveled--except the highest of all--Prism Mountain--a mount-ain topped with a crystal so huge,

that the legend told about it, said it was a shooting star that fell to the top of the mountain.

During the day, as the sun would shine through the diamond-like crystal, swirls of rainbows would cover

the landscape from dawn to dusk. At… Continue

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