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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A family tribe of whales was roaming happily in their home ocean in the safe cove of Paradise Inches, far from the threat of man--what they called "Land Monsters." There were seven families in their tribe, which seven children in each. There were seven elders left on Earth and six newborns and one huge pregnant mother whale, named Ocean Star, waiting to give birth to her seventh child.
So the seven elders and the seven husbands and the seven wives of the tribe counseled together to offer ideas in naming Ocean Star's light within. Water Eagle, Wave One, Pride of Paradise...all good names were offered, suggesting the highest of nobility and respect to the coming baby.
A wise dolphin named Calm Tide came unto the council and noticing their dilemma, suggested the name Nomad and swam home. The affluent plankton-hoarding whales in the council gasped, while the more free floating whales in the council noticed that Ocean Star's light within was glowing bright at the suggestion. Nomad would be this child's name.
On the seventh day of the seventh moon at the seventh hour of the sunrise...the seventh child... Nomad was born. The dawn light came streaming down like crystal pillars at the first peek of the rising sun...and a rainbow shined throughout the ocean. All the whales and all the other animals of the ocean rejoiced on the birth of this new day. Nomad started singing and all the beings of the ocean sent their love to this special baby whale.
Nomad grew fast and learned quickly the ways of the tribe. He always asked to hear stories from the elders about the old ways and their scattered ancestors far from their comfortable, safe cove of Paradise Inches. They answered his questions to the best of their knowledge, but only four of the elders could even remember what it was like before the days of whaling boats and Land Monsters, before they settled into the safe cove of Paradise Inches, and for them it was an old, sad memory. Nomad's energy gave them joy-- thought they were a bit concerned about him getting the idea of traveling far from home into a world filled with Land Monsters but they knew that whatever was meant to be would whaleifest itself in time--so they all went on with their lives as usual.
Nomad would try to talk to his brothers and sisters about what could be out there, but many of them seemed content to stare blankly at their private coral reef walls and let the world pass by...but Nomad's tail was growing very eager to push water and ride some waves to the other parts of the world. So he left some abalone shell gifts for his family and set out into the great wide ocean alone one night...a little excited, and a lot clueless.

The Adventures Of Nomad

So alone he drifted out into the sea of the unknown, his mind filled with the familiar, his intuition foretelling the experience soon to change his perception forever. No friends, no family, just the open current of existence to ride until the tides pulled him home.
Early the next morning of his journey, the colors were brought to life in the vibrant red, gold and green of fall. Colors of all life reflected in the waters he traveled. Over the underwater mountains and hills, across the great wide open plains of seaweed and kelp, and through the caverns of the conscious and the unconscious, he journeyed swiftly. He didn't meditate on the dangers of the Land Monsters and whaling ships, so these potential problems had no power over him. He simply enjoyed the beauty in every living being he was blessed enough to pass by...all the while circulating the energy and love of all creation that he passed on his way. Everywhere he went, he met brothers and sisters, elders and youth of his scattered family. He wondered "In what glorious place could we all be together as one united family again, safe and free from the mistaken ones who would divide us?"
He kept the pearl of hope alive and thriving in his heart and prayed for all, even the Land Monsters. He journeyed through the mammoth glaciers of indecision, across the desert bays of longing and pain...all the while fine tuning his ability to let Spirit guide him and be awakened completely in every moment. He took some time inside of himself to really look around at how things were progressing, and he was pleased with what he saw.
After four days of traveling, he arrived on the other side of the ocean. Miracles started whaleifesting on a regular basis and he realized that the ancient magic that the elders used to speak of in whale tales had all but been extinguished by the changing ocean. Whales and dolphins and sea lions of all colors of the rainbow congregated on this other side of the ocean. Around every clam shell and within every oyster, he found a new pearl of knowledge glowing. And he noticed that things so far from home were actually quite similar if he simply looked with a child's eyes. With a child's eyes he cried out of loneliness in this new place, for he missed all of his relations back in Paradise Inches and wished they could all be with him...they sent their love to him as well and they wished to the Guide Light that he would return home safely in the proper season. They were always together in prayers.

to be continued?

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Comment by Jeanne on October 18, 2009 at 8:10am
A very lovely tale, thank-you for sharing your love of all life. I'm looking forward to the next chapter...


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