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Concepts, authors, artists, musicians and other personalities I like

(I'm not posting this stuff cause I'm really into myself, but in the hopes of starting conversations)


Gregg Braden

Gary Snyder

Tim Sparks (guitar)

Christine Stevens (drum circles for everyone)

Gabrielle Roth (dance)

William Ackerman (guitar)

Waldorf education

Slim Spurling (amazing inventor)

Steven Halpern (healing music)

Richard Bartlett

Drunvalo Melchezidek (way out there but…


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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox = Great movie!

Don't really have words to express what this documentary I just saw means to…


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About me:

My interests and initiatives are: My wife and two kids! Neighborhood video discussion nights (TED presentations), study groups, neighborhood cooperative in-home library network, holistic/quantum healing, primitive art for healing, clay nights, community forums, bridging religious divides, biodynamic gardening.

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