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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox = Great movie!

Don't really have words to express what this documentary I just saw means to me but I'll try. The baby boomers were born with the mission to end war. They became the hippies/sixties counter-culture. One straight-laced Jewish visionary/eccentric lost his family in the holocaust and came to America with the same vision. His name was Dr. Bronner and his soap has washed hippies (who he loved) ever since (yes we do that). More than that his vision of the oneness of mankind healed his family and is being carried on by his posterity. One scene in particular is a staggering example of the power of an open heart: Dr. Bronner's son Ralph listens to a grieving piano improvisation by Keith Waa who he met in the hallway of a dive hotel in New York. The message of peace, love and flower children made profoundly personal and efficacious in the 21st century. See it!

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