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Sensationalism: The Destroyer of Peace??

I ran this post about eleven years ago. But, since then, we've seen such a surge in violence and vitriol across the nation that I'm running it again with a few modifications.

Peace. A simple, honest plea from the hearts of millions around this country, from Philly to L.A. and beyond. It can be personal or political, within or without…


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Of all the labels commonly used among the citizenry, none are more repulsive than those that belittle race or those with mental disorders.

Fortunately, society has all but blotted out the "N-word" from its vocabulary. We understand how repulsive that can be.…


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I wrote this in 2007... but is it still as relevant today? (imagine ... PEACE!!)

The summer of 1967 was one of the most vocal and radical in the history of America. Nationally, we were embroiled in political scandals, racial injustice - and a horrible war in Vietnam.

The country was firmly divided into two separate groups - Doves, who believed the war was wrong and that our military should pull out and come home, and the Hawks, who thought we should not only be fighting in Vietnam,

but maybe even take it a step farther and decimate China, who was allegedly… Continue

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It's doubtful that you'll ever find a young child who hasn't wanted a bicycle for Christmas -- and we three Hinson boys were no different. We'd spent the entire year of 1963, in fact, begging and pleading for Daddy to buy each of us one. After all, our sister had had one for years, but it was a "girlie" bike. We couldn't be seen riding that over Morrow Avenue; all our friends would laugh at us.

Still, he used the same reply each time: "Maybe for Christmas… Continue

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A Lesson of Peace From An Old Guitar

Sometimes, the greatest parables can be found in everyday situations. What you’re about to read is something that happened to me in August, 1964. It’s the story of an encounter between me and my father, Eola Hinson.

I’ll never forget the lesson he taught me that day … it’s one that I’ve passed down to my children, and to others. It’s my hope that someone will find the lesson in it, as well, and pass it on to those who can use the wisdom he conveyed in… Continue

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Heroes Come In Different Forms

My kitchen floor was full of muddy footprints. At around five-thirty that afternoon, I'd come in from one of the saddest moments of my adult life: burying my best friend – a Maine Coon feline wonder names Lightning -- out in a little flower garden next to the house. In fact, if you were to look through my kitchen window, you could see his grave clearly.

Actually, Lightning came into this world back in 1998 -- and it certainly wasn’t an easy entrance! As a matter of fact, while he was… Continue

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