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Realm Dynamics

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< Note from Shar: my understanding is: that which is conceptualized

is of Mind. I believe there is 'beyond' Mind but am unable to

conceptualize it in any way. So, this is speaking, as I understand it,

from the vibratory awareness's of mind. Reach the place where

conceptual mind is not the builder and… Continue

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'Unity---- A possibilty in a world of no absolutes. :)'

There is no path that is a non spiritual path. Most of us live life believing they are a human being craving a spiritual experience. But due to being plugged into the three Universal Fears : abandonment, self worth, surrender, they feel they will never attain a spiritual presence.

That is the falsehood.

We are Spiritual Beings CREATING a human experience. We learn about the mastery of creation through this process.

As… Continue

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