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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

'Unity---- A possibilty in a world of no absolutes. :)'

There is no path that is a non spiritual path. Most of us live life believing they are a human being craving a spiritual experience. But due to being plugged into the three Universal Fears : abandonment, self worth, surrender, they feel they will never attain a spiritual presence.

That is the falsehood.

We are Spiritual Beings CREATING a human experience. We learn about the mastery of creation through this process.
As a whole we are awakening from our self induced slumber as the consciousness of humanity evolves within it's spiritual vessel.

'Next floor please'. We say on the elevator through consciousness.

What is the next floor ?

Well from what I and many others understand, it is the unification of the dualistic measure of creation.
We have chosen to awaken from our slumber. This requires that we do some pretty radical things.

One of them is the ceasing of separation of 'light and dark' and that constant battle there seems to be going on 'out there' and 'in here'.
The inherited Spiritual Conflict is one of the things us 'Awakeners' are here to slap right out of the human mind's construct. ;)

We exist within a world of meme's, thought virus's. Replicated patterns of belief which dictate who we are and why we are here.
Even the great movie Avatar is part of a great meme moving through the consciousness of reality.

What is this meme?
Is it --Human trying to attain spiritual presence? Let's consider there is more than one.
Unity through conflict; Or through release of conflict-- to surrendering to one's true nature.

So, what if there is no conflict? What if we put down the 'weapon' 'and stop the fight. Cease the resistance to simply being who we are.
Not the beliefs based on generational fears. But the knowing of Self and Creation. We all KNOW who we are, we may not be able to voice it.
We may still be somewhat confused but we KNOW who we are.The knowledge is within us, we have never been without it.
Consider that it is our resistance to the knowledge, which is born of the false belief systems that have kept us asleep that cause this 'forgetting'. Nothing more. No outside force, no 'mad hater', no evil doer's.

No dark forces vs the light forces.

Is it possible that we are already enlightened?
Whole and Masterful Creators ?
Could it be that this is our call home ?
That we feel so much connection to the stars because we are them and they are us ? Perhaps the solar systems we are drawn
to are giving us keys, the remembrances to learn how to awaken within the struggle.

What if, really now, what if, we are perfected beings as we stand right here, right now.

I have seen a veil thrown over my own consciousness and know it for what it is. A gossamer light, I emitted myself to shield me from
knowing fully until the moment of awareness brought me through it.
The realization came as a laugh, a great big enormous laugh as I realized, this was it, this was enlightenment. It was truly seeing
the creation reflected in everything and every soul around me. And then feeling the creative force vibrate within my soul's heart, or
presence if you like. Eradicating all the fear based belief systems I had been holding onto. Seeing life as one cosmic heartbeat.
It was the: Feeling of the falsehood that is separation. Basic separation of light and dark. Being erased from my mind and
my energy body causing every aspect of being to become attuned with the song of the stars.

Knowing, really KNOWING that life is a replication of Love, of the source learning about itself in ways the human mind can barely grasp.

Consider the possibility:
There is no spiritual place to get to. No higher place for me to be than this place right here, right now. That in denying where and who I am now, is to say to myself and creation, this is not good enough / I am not good enough.
That thought is born from a fear of self worth and fear of surrender.

For I AM a golden thread within the creative field of light, of love.The harmonic balance of creation has never been lost and will not need to be saved. It is with me now, as it is with each of us. We are the wave of consciousness this world has waited for. We are not special , nor magical.
We are simply the generation that is giving birth to a new evolutionary presence of life consciousness. It sounds special doesn't it? But to
believe any nonsense such as that is narcissistic at best. We are-- Spiritual Beings/Energy creating human experience. That is special enough for me.

I do believe that we are unifying the dark and the light. Until the individual does that, there is the feeling and belief which states, 'there is suffering
in this world and in life'. That belief is born of great fear. I Love through the fear and the suffering and fly free. I resist nothing. I allow for life to be it's glorious wave of presence within me and everything that is due to the vibratory rate of man's ability to create that which is in his mind born of a spiritual heart.

My, what magnificence is this !!!!! Wondrous, glorious Life, beating and coursing through every object and person that is around you and the air, the space, the fixtures you find yourself with.

Beyond that veil, through awareness, light and dark dance together creating a beautiful play for the spiritual man to dance within. And the container of all of this story telling fantasia is a grand field of love expression that is beyond comprehension.

Much Love,

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