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Quietening the Mind


Every Monday a group of people arrive on my doorstep to attend the evening group session called "Meditation Plus". During this time we chat and catchup to see how everyone got on with last weeks exercise. Then we generally discuss some spiritual topic that is relevant to those attending. The next step is to guide everyone through a 20min deep meditation in order to connect with a deeper part of themselves. During this time they explore an aspect of the previous topic to… Continue

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Moving from Head to Heart


The distance from Head to Heart is more or less 300mm, 30cm or 12". Yet for many inhabitants on this Planet, the perceived journey from head to heart can be measured in light years. With the exception of touch, the head contains all of our major sense organs - eyes, nose, thinking mind and visual capability. We cock our head on one side to gain greater listening power or squint to see more clearly, and we interpret the signals of others from the expressions that we… Continue

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Staying in the present moment

The persistant mind

Walking the dog around the park this morning - or was the dog walking me .... anyway ...... as we were walking, I became aware that it is never easy for my "personality - Michael" to remain in the present moment. "I - the real soulself me" became aware that, whilst the dog was trotting around, keeping one eye on me and her nose firmly to the ground, it was (Michael) who was not really "here - in the park". Michaels thinking mind had grabbed his attention and… Continue

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Dragging our egos into the 5th dimension

As we move towards 2012 the pressure for us to evolve is becoming greater. The failure of fixed systems or structures is now very evident within our banking, commerce, religions, societies and so on. The opportunity that these failures bring, is one of the chance to rebuild in a different and sustainable way. One of cooperation and less one of competition. A time of feminine energy - receiving, inner knowledge, nurturing and creativity. This new way forward for planet Earth is called the "5th… Continue

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