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The persistant mind
Walking the dog around the park this morning - or was the dog walking me .... anyway ...... as we were walking, I became aware that it is never easy for my "personality - Michael" to remain in the present moment. "I - the real soulself me" became aware that, whilst the dog was trotting around, keeping one eye on me and her nose firmly to the ground, it was (Michael) who was not really "here - in the park". Michaels thinking mind had grabbed his attention and diverted focus from "being" to "thinking" - all this was done without conscious awareness. So Michael was walking in this lovely space, but his mind was somewhere else ..... somehow Michael had slipped out of the present moment and was now in the future, or was it the past? What I am really saying here is that staying present is never easy for the personality, because the thinking mind is so, so persistent. It was "my" soul awareness that brought Michael back into the present moment.

What is in the present moment
OK so why is it "so important" to remain present? It is my understanding that the "present moment" is all there is! No future or past. That time as such, does not exist, except in the memory, which is in itself - the past. As for the future, it does not yet exist. But at the same time "WE, our soul self" can move into the so-called past or future, because all moments are concurrent - ie nothing separates these moments.

The "soul self - the real you and I, or WE" therefore only exists in the present moment. So for "my soul self" to be fully present, without the trappings, baggage, control and restrictions of Michaels personality, Michael has to "get out of the way". Because Michaels thinking mind and attached emotions drag the focus from the present moment. Therefore the true power of my true soul self becomes diluted and unfocussed. In these unaware moments Michael is quite capable of creating yet more baggage, lessons and confusion - time after time.

So what is in the present moment? ..... It is the real "ME or WE or I, or whatever!" It is my "beingness" rather than "doingness". "I" am home, on the inside looking out. "I" am conscious love and all those qualities that Michael was searching for on the outside. In this moment, there is nothing to do, nothing to say, except to "be" who "I AM."

Remaining present
I guess that's why we are here ... to "Be" present so that "WE" can manifest the true nature of ourselves. That is why this website is here .... "WE" are Architects of a New Dawn of "conscious awareness". And first, before we build the architecture, we have to "tune" our personalities to the harmonics vibrations of our soul light. Otherwise the vibration becomes distorted and the truth is not felt. Whilst we can take the odd moment to "do" meditation in order to still the thinking mind and calm the emotions, it is important to extend this practice or tool into "each moment". Hence my reference to walking around the park. Why was "I" not being walking, breathing, park, dog, trees, sunlight? Because Michael (my host) was not in the moment, but off somewhere thinking about something or other - "MY" vibrational presence was therefore not being received and so "I" could not be fully present..

So if there is a conclusion to this blog - what would it be?
In order to become an architect of the New Dawn there is only one requirement .... and that is simply to "BE". Nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing to "DO". Except to manifest the guidance that comes instinctively and lovingly through the soul self. However, in order to truly "BE", we need to be fully present in each "moment to moment". When our personality is quiet and becomes the "servant" "WE" then can become truly present - call it "an aware presence" - the true light of the soul.

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