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Love is like the ocean. I recommend you visit often… jump in… splash about… and surf in its waves, but don’t try to bottle it up and take it home. You can “receive” and even use the power of the ocean, but you can’t take it. If a bottle of sea water is a poor substitute for the ocean, likewise bottled up love is a poor substitute for the sense of infinite love that is… Continue

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Isn’t it interesting that people who are interested… are interesting …and people who are not are not?

Now ask yourself, who has really made a difference in your life? You probably have known of 1000s of interesting people, but only the interested ones are the ones who impacted you personally. A good teacher is interested. A good parent is interested. A… Continue

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The United States of America did not win its independence from England by only being independent, courageous or rebellious. Our young founding fathers would’ve lost it all if it weren’t for the wisdom and diplomacy of one man, their mentor, Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was 70 years old when he mentored Jefferson, Washington, Adams and others that were 40 years younger while… Continue

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You don’t have to go skydiving to experience freedom. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be poor. You don’t have to be single. You don’t have to be married. You don’t have to be straight or gay. You don’t have to have certain thoughts and not others. You don’t have to have faith. You don’t have to meditate. You don’t have to know right from wrong. You don’t have to behave and you don’t have to rebel.

You don’t have to…… Continue

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To experience strength, practice commitment. Commitment is evident in your habits, not your dreams. A wedding vow is not a commitment – a long and healthy marriage is…

Mother Teresa’s strength is not measured by her results, but by her commitment. Mother Teresa was not attached to making a difference in the world, in Calcutta, in the Catholic Church, and not even for every needy person. She was committed to serving humanity and that… Continue

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Happiness is a personal experience that can pass as quickly as it came. The fastest way to lose it is to try not to… and the best way to keep it is to give it away. You may already know that Happiness is not a place, a time, a result or a circumstance. It can’t be bought, sold, or even measured.

Don’t expect to find it here either -- it is not on this page.

This page is about how to feel happy right now in this moment… and not a little… Continue

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Our sense of Vitality is a function of our light divided by our sense of loss. If and when we focus on "loss" we rob ourselves and others of our light.

Notice your thoughts of lost time, lost opportunities, lost love, lost health... don't resist, just notice when that sense of loss is consuming your energy and diminishing your light... and then choose to shine your love instead.

Ray Charles, for example, did not focus on… Continue

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Infinity Principle

I wrote a book that will empower and enable all architects of a new dawn to make a difference... see buy the book Here's a preview pdf…


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Power of words... amazing.


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BUY GOLD! (as if...)

A friend of mine is encouraging me to invest in gold... I had the following thoughts. in any form: digital, paper, gold, salt, etc. are all abstractions of value

...value is a cultural agreement, it is taught, it is not inherent or the truth

...our culture values rare things -- it values scarcity and invents reasons to fear

...our culture values hoarding -- it values consuming more than producing

...and hence, most of us consume much more than we… Continue

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