Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

All of Life Glorifies God
All of the Ways of God’s Love
leads to Understanding and respect of all humankind

we each choose our own path
and Call upon the Masters that are
Guiding Us to find the Answers that they have found
Many are the paths to God Light
And infinite are the Ways we can find God’s Love
at Work in this World

And all of the Masters teach us
That our Lives are to be one with the Living Love
To shine With the Light that leads us to See God’s Spirit
Living in the Souls of Every Being
Each Soul is a Seed of God’s Divine garden
That is planted to Bring Heaven to earth

See the Beauty that was Born of the union
Of Spirit and Matter as One
See the Smile of great joy in this Miracle of Life

And Bless all of God’s Children
As you bless all of the masters and teachers of God’s Love
Each is seeking their Way to love and Be Loved

And in the Light of that Love
Shines the Gift of God
And it will take all of the Children of God to find
A way to live together to make
This Garden The Paradise where the Dream of Heaven
can be alive on earth

Where we all can live in Peace in the world
to live with Good Will towards all
So God’s Love and Light can Fulfill it’s
Purpose and the Divine Plan for humankind

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