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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Bless the Angels

To the Winged ones of God
Who Fly to the Heart of humankind
To be the ones who Bring us the Gift of Love
And lead us to the Divine

To the Host of Angelic Realms
And the Masters they serve from on High
As they Herald the Coming of the Dawn
And Watch over us til Light has Come

They Exist in Love in the Higher Realms
And Love is the Power that Brings Us together as One
Their Love carries the Light to Guide US
For the Work that is yet to be done

For the Greatest Heritage of Angels
is Waiting to Be revealed
the Angels will Protect us
and Guide us to Let it Be
Sing the Praise of these Blessed Ones
For They Do the Work of God
They Show the Way Through the Darkness
And Through Time they led us on

Listen to Their Guidance
And Celebrate their Peace
The Angels Live in service of God
And in Time It will Set us Free

We should Live in Gratitude for the Blessings that they Bring
For in truth it’s just a small amount we see
Of How they Angels protect us everyday
And Help us to fulfill Destiny

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