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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Be Open to the Miracles that are waiting to be found
For all of Life is abounding with Miracles in Every moment
Miracles that have been brought into being.
By those who believe,
Who hope and envision
More Than what they may know.
We live in a world of endless Miracles
We live in a Dream of our own Making
A world so Wondrous that we lay claim
to only a small mundane portion of our existence
Blind to what an amazing Creation this world and
Our very Being is.
Can we be open in our Minds to allow ourselves
To see and believe in Miracles?
Can we have Faith in an existence
that has brought us through Millennium
to the verge of a still greater awakening,
to be able to step in the Cosmic Vibrations that are transforming us into
an expanded Consciousness of Awareness
a Consciousness that the Christ has brought into being.
Each Morning can we look and see the Beauty of the Sunrise
And let it Lighten our Hearts
To be glad for the gift of this precious day
Be open to the Divine possibilities that God that Given you
Be Open to the Love that has Led you to believe in the
Miracle of Miracles,
God’s love in action
For Christ brought us Miracles to show that they exist.
And these Miracles and more are here for Us to Believe in.
This is indeed a great Existence that we live in
An everlasting spiral of space and time
that leads us through the infinite universe.
and here we are Alive in the Miracle of this Moment
Believe that there is more to life than meets the eye
Be open to the love That has Created you
And asks for your acceptance
For this Precious life is alive with Miracles
And the greatest miracle is that God’s love is alive within You
And with Love all things are Possible

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