Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Heaven on earth

There is a Place of Indescribable Beauty
Where I Abide

Bring this Beauty into your Life

There is a place of joy and Hope where the Bliss of the
One Love is shared by all who are in tune
with the Song of the Universe

Bring this Song to your Heart
So you may hear the Song we Sing

There is a Love that is So Strong
it Brings us Into the Presence of the Source of Creation

And gives us reason to serve and endure all of Life’s Challenges
So that we may taste of this Love in our Being
Bring this Love into your Heart and
let it be your reason for Living

There is a Light that is more radiant than a million Suns
A Light that is the very name of God

It is the Living Light of Spirit
Bring this Light into your Soul so you can
See the Vision of Christ and follow
The path through Heaven to the Source of Creation

You are the bridge of Heaven and Earth
Bring the Gifts of these Blessings
To all who would share the Dream of Heaven on Earth

Merge the Vision of Heaven with your Life’s Dream
Sing the Song of Life to Bring Hope and Joy forth
Love with God’s Unconditional Love

And Bring the Glory of Heavens Living Light and Love to Earth

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