Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Yes, we are worthy of Love
God’s great Love
And when we see this love
With our Hearts Eyes
We see the Love deep within all

And we can forgive all
That we have held back from Being Love
We can Accept our selves as a Divine Mirror
Of God’s Love and Light

And we can Smile
And say Yes we are worthy of God’s love
And so we are able to Love
ourselves as God loves us
We are able to Forgive our selves
For being Less than we might have been
And we can just Be Love

For it is the Heart of Who we are
Just now in this Precious moment
Just Be
Be All and Nothing
Be Light and the Force of the power that Created Light
Be Love and find your Sweet Home
in the Heart of this Understanding that
Accepts All and Nothing
All you have searched for is Here
All you have tried to Capture of this Mystery
Is released with the Wings of the Heart As it flies to the Soul
Here is the Moment
Where we meet Nothing and Everything in Creations Dream
And we are the Creator and the Dreamer
Free to be here Now
When you say yes

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