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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


All are being Asked to Be
The Highest of who they are
To Reach that part of themselves
That holds the Flame of their Soul

All are being Asked to Give compassion and the Forgive
To wipe the Slate Clean and let their Inner Mirror
Show them a Clear Vision of How to Be

All are being asked to open their hearts
And to let their soul Shine with Love

It takes the Courage of All that you are
To see the Truth and Speak it

It takes great Faith to know
That Love is at the Heart of your true path
And this is how you must live everyday

And it takes the Power to believe this love
And the Good is at Work
Within you and all of Life

This is How you can Use all of the Highest elements of
What has formed your life and who you are

Breathe in the Pure Love of God’s Grace
Let the Light of God’s Flame burn Bright in your Soul

Call upon who you are
To come forth and be alive in you
To express itself through you
So you can live God’s purpose and Plan

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