Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Live in Peace

When we act as emissarys of God’s Plan
We need to be attuned to the Highest Vibration of Light
We need to Understand the Purpose we are here for
And to Believe in the Outcome for the transformation of Earth
To be attuned to the Place where the Masers of light Dwell

We need to Believe
That Love can save the World
And that Peace can Rule the Planet
And that the Good within all can be expressed
Throughout all of Humankind

The World is Wanting Peace
The World is Needing Love
The Time for Transformation is at Hand

Now we are asked to be Agents of Good Will.

Believe that Love can Change the World
For this is the Key
And everyday remember why you are here
That there is a Reason to Be Here Now

And work together to bring the Truth of the Way of Love
To Bring about the Redemption of Humanitys’ Heart and Soul
To Plant the Seeds for Peace on this Planet
And Usher in a New day of Hope for Humankind

For you are the children of the New Dawn
You are the Way Love will save the World
And you are the fulfillment of the New Age
Where God’s Light and Love Live in Peace

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