Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What long Breath of the Universe
Resides in my heart and Feeds my soul,
What love does life gives and take here,
In tune with the Rhythm of the Cosmos

Can you feel what I feel,
Can you let the words just flow,
To Repeat the Scripted lines that Life gives me to play with ,
Or is it Just some trick of the ego
That needs to teach me some lesson
So I can release myself in my mind.

Can the mind not question the questions,
And the limitations that it always finds
Is possible to always find some more distractions
To tether it and in the darkest place still hide.

And Life begs to be experienced
And the soul is right there too,
And I hear a knocking at the door
And I know what I now must do.

And the soul begs to be listened to,
And it whispers to me here,
And it weaves itself into my words
And the part of me that is here to share.

And still through the dimensions of Inspiration
The greatest gift I find
Is the Love that one always does seek
And the effects it brings to your life.

And so I am driven
By the fire that burns deep inside,
And I throw open my arms so wide,
And I ask once more to serve,
The Power to use this time,
To lose all limitations and fear,
To Love the Life I’ve created
And open my heart to what is here.

And I take a long breath of the Universe,
And I feed the flames of the souls fire,
And I celebrate the I am that I am
With a Love that drives me ever higher.

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