Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

With each breath this life draws me close
To the invisible made visible to see.
Closer ever closer,
With the merging of the spirit that dwells in me.

And in the silence it seems oh so near,
And in the stillness I can almost let it be,
It is almost in my heart to hold
As the perimeters of my soul dissolve
God’s energy to set me free.

To be close. so close I almost can grasp it,
But this Beauty demands a respect that it needs,
To appreciate what it really is and to just let it be.

And so I can not capture it yet,
And if I could would I really find a need
To cage the raging spirit
that always needs so to be free.

So I slowly draw so close with a reverence
For a Miracle that is alive in me,
Far more than the relics that are just a symbol
And closer than the bones or the Saints’ heart in Crystal
That is here in the cathedral of life
and the mystery school of my mind.

For if indeed there is a paradise on earth to find,
It might just be as close as heaven
in this Place that is so divine.
And if I smile at a stranger who asks directions
To the halls of Shambala and it’s sweet mysteries
I realize that enlightenment really takes it’s own sweet time.

And when you are this close
And you still can’t find the way,
Do you stop to rest at the gateway
And try again another day.

And if the destination is the journey that you take,
You can stop, and look and listen, and ask why,
But can you know the truth and it’s worth.
Or how much time that we have here on earth
And realize we can create heaven here,
And we’re close, so close to it this Magic moment in time.
To that moment with each breath that we take
It’s closer here to find

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