Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A Message of Hope

As the Year comes to a close
We look at the Lessons Learned

So many Lessons that have been endured

That now give us a stronger Foundation to Lead us On

And it is important to Look ahead With a New Vision and a new Hope

And see that it is time to work together

And get past our individual Differences

And our own vested interests

To see how all of our separate Wills

Can be viewed from a higher perspective

So we can see what is best for the Whole

And how we all can Benefit In the Greater Picture when

We work with Good Will for all

For every Negative Energy that is directed

The Positive energy is called upon To hold steady

And not react in a Negative way

But in a Positive and understanding Light

The Radiance of Good Will can change the Darkness
And allow the others to see the Intention

To do good and bring forth the Light

There is a Great Need for Hope

We need to Believe That the Light is greater than Darkness

That Love is stronger than Hate

That we can Heal not Hurt

And that Compassion is not weakness But Strength

There is a way to change the World
And make the dream of Love and Peace

A living way to live for

So hold on to the Hope in your heart

Let the vision of a Better World become

A Reality to Believe in

We can Change the World

And to do that we must all work together

With our Highest intent for Humanity to live together

With Love and Good Will As One

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