Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

And He came down from his throne

To be here with us here in spirit

That lives in the love in you and me

And draws us ever near it


And he looked into the depths of the darkness

to the pain that  living brings

And answered the prayers

To heal the broken hearts

And so we can begin to live again


With a truth so strong

It can cut the chains of life’s misery

so the power of God’s Light

and can shine in us to  find a way

that leads us to be free


and even in the darkest night

when we have given up

when a prayer is heard for help

to just get through


There comes some touch of kindness

That might be the angel

That works through you


And on the path we trust in God

To find some sanctuary

And for a light to come and guide us

To help us to show the way


And we live in this world as a child of God

And we fall on our knees and pray

That each lost and lonely soul

Finds the courage to Follow the path God gives us

To  live with the hope of  a better way.

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