Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Lord, Grant me the gift to see

 the part of your love that is there in me.

And Lord, let me know your will today

And let the power of your love

 work through me, as it may.


Let me be that Instrument of your Love,

 that your disciple of  truth, St. Francis spoke of.

And as I go along each day help me to choose

To always see the right thing to do.


For we are all in this circle of life it seems

With illusions and fantasies that we dream.

And if we want to get off the Karmic wheel

We need some guidance that will help to reveal.


The teachings of love, that allows us to forgive

As we journey onward it helps us to live

For there are many mistakes we make on the way

And we need great compassion to help us each day.


Lord grant me the Power to live with your love

And the grace to know that it is what we all are made of.

To love as you do each and every day

So we can get past our egos and find a better way.


For we are all God’s children

And we all do the best that we can

And we are all here to learn

And Lend a helping hand.


Lord grant me the gift of your Light To shine

and  show the way Til your truth I find

And let your love guide me to always see

The that you are always there in Love with me

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