Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

How far does the Light of your soul reach

Til you find

You’ve gone beyond the lifetimes

Of the space your form defines


Where the Master to Masters, meet beyond time

To capture the brilliance

Of the waiting one’s mind


And as the student learns the truth they find

The soul speaks to those who comprehend

What secrets can live beyond this time


The truth is beyond judgment

And the limits humankind have

For we in form need so much more

Than Each moment can give


Speak to me, oh sweet master of All

Reach me here so I can hear your call

Let me be directed by the wisdom I find

Reveal the secrets that  are hidden to find


Let me grasp the truth

 which is seldom heard

In the One word spoken

God’s love is so clear


And there is no way to capture

All the cosmic energy

And the gifts given to creation

 have always been free


And all we have is this lifetime

 in which we express

As the universe in form

 ever recreates the rest


So I bow to the life eternal

 and the precious key you gave to me

and I lives here somewhere

 in these words you left to me

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