Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

All of Who you are


From the depths of the Core within

Comes the moment of recognition

And you can accept

 all of who you are.


No more seeking,

no more hiding

No denying

just this merging of your being,

all of who you are


In this totality of Allowance

To the place within

Where there is the reemerging

Of you in this form

Human and Spirit merged in

All of who you are


And in the blessed light of Christ

We understand our true inheritance

Of the Teacher who brings

The Blessed understanding of Unconditional Love

The all of who you are


And we become part of the One

Who knows all and sees all and forgives all

For the Love of it is

All of who you are


A gift to receive

That is the Light and Love

And God’s will that Guides us

To our hearts purpose

Which opens the door to

 the faith to say  Yes

to all of who you are


No mask hiding the naked soul

Face to face with you and the Creator

And the Power of Love,

this amazing grace

Which is all  of who you are


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