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Crumbs from the Sacrament


And I see the storm behind me

 and I see the light ahead

And so I leave some crumbs left over

From the blessed Sacrament

So as the time given here

Draws ever closer to being through


I look down from the mountain top

 And see where I came from and all

the beauty, all the joy,

And so much pain and suffering,


and how we try to bury the way

the hurt came to be

when it we leave it all behind

And look for the Flight of the Promised opening


And then you turned to face me

And to read the hope between each breath

And in each offering, each prayer, each moment

Your light whispered the way to be free.


And I know this time on earth held just a

Temporary place I choose to try to explain

The gifts God’s love could bring

And the Power of the Truth that could set us free


And so we come to terms with all our failures

And all that we tried to do

And did we ever really know how to show

Each other what we really knew


Was I really meant to love all this

That you have given me?

If so how could I do other than worship at your feet

For you have given me the Sacrament

And have forgiven all that I Hid

And you did see the truth in my soul and

 how that love could set me free


And I can only offer up the crumbs

To leave on the path I take to follow thee

You my Lord and Master

Are at the heart of the path I see.

And these are simply whispers of that Promise

Of the Love that calls to set me free





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