Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

How Great the Spirit, that follows the shadows of this life ,

To define the outlines through the invisible possibilities of being.

To bring a breath of remembrance ..

From not knowing to accepting,

To allowing the source to shine within your limitations


To see the hope of compassion with you on this journey

that follows blindly to find the clearing ahead

To the return to the soul’s promise

That calls you to remember,

Who you are and how you came to be.


How great the Spirit that brings you life

And gives you the glimpse of the Angels wings that cover

You with protection,

and lets you believe in  deliverance

 And somehow shows you the promise

Of what the lifetimes of learning have brought you to be.


How great the Spirit that hears the calling

And lets you listen to the song that will set you free.

A song that sings to your soul

And gives you the power to know the unknown


Can you believe in the possibility

That it is enough to have loved through the lifetimes

That which has  led you to what you are.

And that which finds you to lead you to the one

That gives the shadow life.


And that which lives in the source of light

And that which remembers the promise of your merging

With the return to God.


For here is your divine Presence,

Your spirit that is alive with a breath

A gift you offer to one and all.


Impossible ,

and Yet here you are in this Life in Light eternal

 accepting because the only Possibility is this Life

and the love offered in the heart of

How great thou art.




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