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What bright shining star hears your soul sing

With a fuse that burns and creates an opening

 to the inner secrets that your heart does cling


Such a Sweet the Song that remembers a love

So Sweet the sounds that merge us as one

And the universe shimmers with the vibration that’s here

And we listen in silence to the Masters Prayer


And the ones who hear

 Know and join in the attunement here

For this was the promise made so long ago

This was the searching for the path home


And the Pilgrims of light

Listen and sing as one

the answers are received

From the cosmic vibration that was spun


The stars are reflected in the earth

and the treasures are here to use

Not for the highest bidder to hold

But for the blessings of love


For the kingdom is of heaven has come to earth

And the alignment of the stars song

Is brought for our rebirth


And the mystic atonement to our purpose is done

And the answers to our prayers

Brings an attunement of all who

Come to the One


And the bright Light that the Source holds for you

Hears your silent prayers

and knows the light

will always reach and guide you


The Pilgrims still hear

The stars sing with a light

and when we listen and silence the mind

and in the attunement it’s God’s love we find.


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