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A Sacred Place to Go


When we have our roles to play,

And we have to do our part,

We need a sacred place to go,

So we don’t fall apart.


When we strive to make a living, No matter what it is we do,

it’s always so important

to find a place to ease our minds

and let the Soul  come on through.


I know that Nature gives us

So many blessings in every way,

There is always a special Place to go

where Spirit does abound.


Some special spot that heals us,

And feeds our senses with the Sublime.

There is such great beauty the earth provides,

There is such life force that we can find.


For me it’s Sacred Iao,

Where all worries disappear,

It is such a place of peace,

And Heaven lives in Nature there.

For me the blessed Waters sing,

And the energy is so profound.


I find I can be in Heaven,

While walking here on earth,

For this is paradise I’ve found,

And it’s value is beyond all worth.


There is a special spot I go to every day,

As the sun is fading I always come and give thanks

For the blessings that have been given in many ways.

I sit in quiet meditation , til I’m restored and at peace,

I thank God each and every day for this Sanctuary given me.





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