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Constant communion


Let every breath I take

Be filled with God’s great Light.

Let every Prayer I make,

Bring a Communication that is right.


Let life be a constant Communion

With everything I do,

For all of Life is a reunion,

With a reflection Christ’s energy renews.


Let every Morning bring to me,

The presence of the Lord,

Where I might sit in Silence,

And be at One with the Adored.


Let my church be life,

And nature, my perfect sanctuary.

For Nature holds the Grace of God,

And it’s there I feel so free.


Let my life be a Journey of Joy,

And revelation so I might Find,

That in this Constant Communion,

It’s God’s Blessings that remind,

That God is Alive in every Atom,

And is with us night and day,

And we can always find the Love,

That is alive with Christ here in our heart.


And we can live In the Light

that guides us on the Way.

And Live in Constant Communion

With every breath we take.

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