Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

You remember when you started something for your own pleasure, now you do it for her. It's not what you do, how well you Will do it, it's about how much she evaluates the things you have done could be liked by other people, these are evil ways which are disguised inside cosensum and surviving instinct.

The starting and the end of one's man life is a gap as large as the difference between extreme goodness and the worst cruelty, this gap is like a double reality.

As we write with wisdom we hope we won't act as beasts.

Don't seek relief in her innocence from things which leaved you offende and sick.

The wiser the man the wider COULD be the injustice he creates. The deeper the civilization the higher are the disequalities in it.

As the deepest is the dream as the reality is fake. Two people who can't communicate should have to share the deepest truths cause they have a different point of view At least.

Take the right path but be albe to mediate and meditate.

Take the best from everything and if a thing or an happening is bad wait for it becomes better, on the other Side colse a Channel as soon as it becomes Dangerous or harmful. But have the courage to try, today and some other day to give up.

We need a few things for our body so many things for our soul.

Inexact science is the key but won't be an aliby from Being enough practical. Your experience be stronger than your loss of capabilities and abilities deriving naturally from aging, as long as aging itself was so degradating your performance, older Wine is better but could turn to vinegar as well. It's your time don't waste it, drink thevwine At the right time but also leave Always improving frontiers opened, cause the next time you could do better, then the time before so your regret from what you were is away.


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