Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

We are born into diversity. we are grown to uniformate and be globalized. the child is afraid to go to school mainly for this reason. we reach a lille individualism climax at around 18 years of life...then we restart the uniformation depersonalization process.

we barely know what means being real friend or real lovers but we start messing around with sex at an early age.

sex is a mental game as in its dynamic there are such a few things to learn but it's linking to attraction is not to be taken for granted.

there are tons of fact and things in our life which we are able to quit but these are the same things we can't tell no when they pass through us or we are invited to pursue.

the wise man tell us sit and wait, do only the essential and expect the end, but this is not an aliby to nothingness and inaction is a "let it be" prayer.

we can say no to take into the earth new life, but when we are asked to we are not able to say no.

born from rotation, vibration, each and every human being is a masterpiece of colors, sounds etc. we are into the illusion of chosing who's next to us and we operate a selection according to imprinting, fashion, personal resonation, stereothipes. the longer the time we rotate alone the higher is the enterprise in finding someone who "spins like us"


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