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Appreciate…be happy for others success, brings more of your own...

Appreciation is one key factor in allowing abundance to flow to you. This is not just confined to finding something that makes you smile or feel good, this is where you open up and let yourself be abundant.

In my programme Path of the Peaceful Warrior, I talk about your Personal Emotional Guidance System, this is how you can readily check where your vibratory resonance lies ( whether you are resonating low vibration or high vibration) and one of the best ways to move into high vibratory resonance, is to find points of appreciation. Wouldn’t it be better to always be in the higher resonance? How would it be possible to maintain this?

Let’s take a closer look at appreciation then. So if you feel appreciation, what does that mean for you? No doubt it makes you feel happy, you enjoy the feeling, it makes you forget to worry. In fact when you appreciate, you let go.
There is so much conditioning around us, feeding your thoughts with ‘every person for themselves’, how often have you been blasted with news of companies being drain financially by unscrupulous executives siphoning off funds for their own use. You begin to believe, the only way to get ahead is in dishonest practices or looking after ‘number one’. This is so not the case, by Universal laws this is exactly how NOT to become abundant!

It is in the practice of contribution and service to others that you find true appreciation. When you can take joy in helping others, be happy for their success and evolvement, you have learned to love who you are. In being confident in yourself and believing in who you are, there I no need for measuring yourself against others, then you live through abundance and will always find your points of appreciation.

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