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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Energy in its purest form is love
Pure unconditional love
It is only from our human perspective of fear and lack of belief in ourselves
That we disconnect from that high energy vibration
We then feel alone, isolated, abandoned
When in fact by loving ourselves, exalting in our fearless magnificence
We connect, we ‘feel’ the energy of all, in every moment
The total encompassing love of the Universe.

Much of our disconnection stems from our perception of our reality and what we then choose to believe. By fully believing in ourselves and loving ourselves we naturally allow the flow of positive energy. I read a very interesting blog the other day by Akil Gordon-Beckford, an entrepreneur, author and professional designer. He is also the founder and director of Aquafront. Here is an extract:
The human brain has evolved to associate the bright colours and movement found in an aquarium with something of value or of benefit.
The brain has evolved to recognise these environmental stimuli as something positive and of value that may increase the chances of survival. This recognition leads to the brain releasing the hormone dopamine into the area of the brain which governs emotions, personality, and social behaviours.
Dopamine otherwise known as the happy hormone is the brains way to respond to positive and beneficial features within our social and physical environmental.
The result of this are the positive emotions associated with things we like. Evolutionary speaking dopamine encourages us to make decisions and choices that lead to actions and behaviours that result in positive outcomes. In simple terms dopamine is a major reason why you experience pleasure and good moods about the things you like to do. It is well documented that dopamine reduces levels of stress and anxiety as a result significantly enhancing creativity, and leading to people being more helpful and sociable.

Akil specialises in creating Aquariums that help not only your point of appreciation but the pleasurable effects of such beautiful architecture raises your energetic vibratory resonance.

What I also love about this concept is the first hand view of nature in perfect harmony and energetic alignment, I always say to my clients, when they feel they have to search for point of appreciation, take a look at animals as they are in perfect alignment with their energy, this also applies to fish.
It is when we take time, stop and be in the now watching the harmonious interaction of nature and energy, that we witness absolute love. There is no stress, they live continually in the now and adjust to every new experience. We should take a lesson from nature and let go of the past, live in the moment and create our future reality from unconditional love.

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