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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

An interesting shift hit me after a very long night waiting for a tsunami, which never really quite happened..
It was about a shift that's happening, not to try get out of this place, but to get into it..

As above so below

There is shift in consciousness, that is being revealed to the soul
The time has come to connect the points of light so we can finally know
The life here on earth is a reflection of a far greater plan
And It is handy to remember what we were once told
As Above, so below

Here in this life we have on earth we are given a chance everyday
to see how the universe is working in it’s own unique way
We have been given free will to choose what to do
To learn all the lessons that we need 
so when we leave here we have developed some tools to use
for it’s true we were once reminded so very long ago
those simple words, as above so below

Perhaps those words were really true
And everything here is some reflection of light
All part of the heaven we once knew
then how important it might be 
to embrace our lives so we can see
How to embrace all of ourselves so we can embrace eternity.

and we must learn to embrace others without any judgment it true
for if we can love this life here on earth
it will be the same love that in Heaven we use.
And all of this energy we are given that goes on and on in space
Should have enough Spirit in it to teach us
That what we need is staring us right here in our face

For in this moment in time and space
We need to find the grace
To believe that there is a thread of god’s energy in everything
That will lead us to the shift taking place.

For heaven on earth to be here
We must first learn to see
How to love ourselves 
and all the others on the path who seek
And to find the bridge to Heaven 
we must build it‘s foundation on earth
And when we unite in God’s consciousness
we may finally see the truth and know
As above so below
God's Love
Cindy Paulosis aminister, writer, speaker, teacher, artist, composer, lyricist and videographer, as well as an award-winning radio and TV personality.

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