Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

As Heaven Comes to Earth

We Dare to Remember the Light
That is the fabric of our very being
We call forth the power of Creation
To be fully alive so we can become the love
That has brought us to the Merging of All
And aligned us to reveal God within Man

With each breath we draw Spirit into Life
In each Moment we are given the Amazing Grace
That can bring the Presence of the Divine into our Being
As we Live, Die and are born with the Eternal Love of God

The sweetest Blossoms from the tree of Life
Are laid at our feet
And the blessed fragrance of the wind carries us
along the path that leads us to the Garden of Creation

Where we once again have the Vision of Eden
The Awakening that sees we no longer need the Robes
That have covered our naked Beauty
And with a forgiveness that accepts and says Yes
We are Redeemed to our true nature,
Our Divinity is revealed with the power to become
the Pure Presence of a Child born without sin
For we are born of God’s Love and Light
Here to celebrate and fulfill the Purpose for which we came
With the seeds of Eden Planted as Heaven Comes to Earth

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