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The Gratitude of Life

As the Masters Join in service the ripples of their Light
Comes in the song of the Soft morning Breeze

With the faint strains of Love I hear the Echoes
Of the Joy of the universe bring Hope
in each new Day there comes the song of the Birds
announcing the light that gives us Life

There is a world of Dreams that awaken
And smile at the Dreamer in recognition
There is this Magnificent Creation
With all of the elements of the one
That join in Celebration of the bliss of Being

We breath in the magic of Life
And Share our Stories in an endless effort to capture time
We join in the circle with no beginning or end
And seek for our way home

It is all here
It is this Now moment
It is our life and time unfolding
Our space merged with a greater reality

Stop and open your heart
And feel the love that holds you
And the Light hat feeds your soul

As you put on the mantle of the Role you play
and remember this precious gift you’ve been given
and say Yes to your being Alive
and Breathe in with gratitude all that you are

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